A new design

During the past years, my personal site has used the Academia Theme. While this was okay, it was still rather limited in functionality. As the name implies, focus for the theme is professors and other academics. It thus had some functions which would be extremely useful as a professor, yet. For example, you can show research papers with links to the PDF and video. Luckily, a free-form ‘more URLs’ was supported. I exploited this functionality to create my little portfolio. I also deleted sections that were specifically catered towards academics, such as the patents.

These seem rather little complaints. And you would be right! But, I would like some more functionality:

  • A flourishing CV with images
  • A less static start page
  • I would love to actually use the blog module :)
  • Linking blog posts to projects
  • Metadata that includes licensing, source code etc.
  • The theme should be more vibrant, as opposed to the theme meant for the academic world.

I tried to create a theme before. It was never finished, but I’ll put the source code online in case anyone is interested in finishing up the theme.

For my site, I restarted the development of a new theme, even though it has a lot of design similarities with the old one, mainly because I don’t trust the code to be of a good quality (I had just learned CSS) back then. I also want to change the general ‘feel’ of the theme. Where Fira Design (name based on the font used) had the intention of showing a warm website with vibrant colors, the new one should be more professional looking, but with some ‘nerdy’ accents.

Also, I want to make some more content available in Dutch. Especially the professional content could benefit from having a multilingual version.

As the design evolves (I’m still not sure on the redesign), the 2021.wardsegers.be site will get updated. I plan to create a CI pipeline to automate this, as well as updates to the old design (which will get its own blog post). The old design will remain available on 2019.wardsegers.be. As soon as the new design is finished™, this subdomain will not be updated anymore and content from the new subdomain will be used on the main domain.