I have been a volunteer at a youth movement for several years now. And every year, we struggled with the same problem: administration.

Having acquired some programming skills in the past three years of university, I developed a very small yet very effective webapp to manage all the needs for our organization.

Besides all the features, perhaps the biggest advantage was having all of our data in one central place. This made it very easy not to lose data or swing around with pieces of paper (those will get lost, trust me). As a bonus, complying with the GDPR regulations is peanuts.

The project was built using the Django framework. This was an excellent choice, as it allowed me to rapidly build a working prototype and focus more on the usability, rather than the technical working of the system. Also, I can be rest assured that the system is secure (because of the massive userbase Django has). Besides, the multitude of available addons helps with adding new features fast, keeping both the developer and customer happy.

Some notable features:

  • Parents can register their children and change preferences online
  • All the administration happens in the application.

Features that are planned in the future:

  • Integration of the full website (a.k.a. adding a CMS)
  • Mailing lists and newsletters
  • Automatic generation of official documents

Please give me a shoutout if you’re interested in using the tool for your organization!